• “all games are symbolic”
  • Theatre for Living, David Diamond


The group forms a circle and has the task of counting up to 20, no leaders, no predetermined order.  If two people speak at the same time they (the group) needs to go back to 1.  If it is a larger group, you can take the number up to 25 or 30.


This is a helpful exercise to do repeatedly with groups.  If it is too challenging at first, sometimes it helps to have the group face out and away from the circle with their eyes closed.  Note what difference it makes to do the exercise with eyes open or closed.  Which one is easier?  Why?  If it isn’t working (group isn’t making progress getting up to 20) what might be getting in the way?

Suggested Uses
  • Observe group process
  • Identify group habits or roles
  • Create an opportunity to identify personal patterns that influence group work
  • Explore the concept of trust and impulse