Moving Bodies

Read Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints 


The group is asked to walk through the space, but to space themselves out, imagining that if a picture were taken from above everyone would be spaced out in a balanced way.

Continuing in this formation, participants are encouraged to speed their movement up or slow it down.  The challenge is to stay in constant motion, yet consistently keeping an equal distance of space from the other members of the group.


New prompts include: moving through quick sand, floating in the sky, slithering through brambles, swimming through shark-infested waters, etc.  Challenge the group to explore being close to the floor or reaching up toward the ceiling.  Call out “freeze” to the group and examine the different shapes their bodies are making.

Other possible steps: making eye contact, interacting with another participant, creating sounds together, being utterly silent, etc.

Suggested Uses
  • Free up the body
  • Ignite imagination
  • Allow story to emerge from the body
  • Work with a group by sensing and reacting