Four Corners

Thanks to S.G. Lee to first introducing this exercise


In this exercise, the group works in sets of fours.  One person is the “It” and faces another person who becomes the Mover, there is a Mathematician to their left and an Interviewer to their right.  The Mover begins by making slow movements which the “It” person then begins to copy (mirror) as closely as possible, then the Mathematician begins asking simple addition and subtraction questions (1 – 9, only)!  Then the person on the right (Interviewer) begins asking simple questions, such as, “What did you have for breakfast…” You can adjust questions based on the interests that have arisen over the past few sessions.


Support with questions: What makes this challenging?  Is a certain element more challenging than another?

Suggested Uses
  • Energizer
  • Helpful in understanding why certain activities are challenging
  • Examine how thinking shifts when the body and mind are immersed in activity