Group Mirror

“For humans play is a refuge from ordinary life, a sanctuary of the mind, where one is exempt from life’s customs, methods and decrees.”
Deep Play, Diane Ackerman


This is a common observation game, and a simple way of adding more challenge and strategy to the exercise “mirrors”.  The group sits in a circle and one person is asked to go outside of the room.  When that person is out of earshot one member of the group is appointed the leader. Before the person comes back into the room the leader begins a movement. The entire group then repeats that movement as closely and precisely as they can.  When the person comes back into the room they stand in the centre of the circle and have to guess who is the leader.


Make sure that the leader changes the movement at regular intervals.

Questions to prompt the group with: Where do you focus your eyes so as not to give away who the leader is?  How can you listen to the group? What does that mean?

Suggested Uses
  • An easy warm up before moving to “Mirrors”
  • Excellent focus and concentration exercise
  • An interesting way to encourage observation of human behaviour