Guided Visualization

There are a multitude of scripts for guided meditation on-line.  Explore and experiment.


Have participants lie or sit down with the lights out.  Make sure that the room as warm as possible.  Script: Allow the body to soften.  Feel breath fall in and out.  Imagine a space where you would love to be right now.  Feel yourself in a resting position, are you lying down, snuggled into a soft chair or hammock, seated on cushions?  What do you feel on your skin?  Is it the warmth of the sun, a crisp breeze?  Which part of your body feels the heat or coolness?  What do you smell?  Where in your body do you feel the reaction to the smell?  Who is with you?  If you were to open up your eyes and look around, what might you see?  What do these things remind you of? 

Be aware of the effect of being in this space in the muscles on your face, in the sense in the centre of your chest?  What else do you notice in this environment? Is it something else that you can see that you didn’t notice at first glance?  Or maybe it is a smell that softly finds your nostrils?  Maybe it is a physical sensation in your legs or your hips?  What sound do you want to make as you find yourself in this place?  What does it make you want to do next? 

Take a moment just to enjoy the freedom of not having to ‘do’ anything else.  The freedom of just being right here.  (Give participants several minutes of silence here or guide them through more prompts in exploring this environment).

Very slowly, on the count of three, you are going to see this space fade slowly from view, let it gradually become a snapshot.  Find a place that you can place this snapshot where you know you can always come back to it.  Now 3, 2, 1… you will slowly open your eyes and glance back to the floor and then look up to the walls and the ceiling and gently bring into view the other participants.  Gently bring yourself back to a seated position and feel free to stretch any parts of the body that want attention.


Take 2-minutes, post visualization, to write  down (or draw) any observations.

Debrief:  What struck you about this exercise?  What did you see?  Which sense was strongest?  How did it make you feel?  Did it make you want to do anything?  How did it compare with other times that you have done guided visualizations?

There are as many variations of this as there are stories in the world, play with it and explore, most importantly tune this to the themes you are exploring.

Suggested Uses
  • Observe how the breath shifts in different states of being
  • Reflect on how states of mind are experienced in the body
  • Begin to find language to express sensory experiences