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Four Corners

Four Corners Thanks to S.G. Lee to first introducing this exercise Description In this exercise, the group works in sets of fours.  One person is the [...]

Group Mirror

Group Mirror "For humans play is a refuge from ordinary life, a sanctuary of the mind, where one is exempt from life's customs, methods and decrees." Deep Play, [...]


Hello! Remember Model the exercise first, Less pressure when everyone participates. Part 1 Description Standing in a circle, begin by sharing your name while performing a [...]

In My Body

In My Body "After much thought, I realized that the trouble that I had writing that bleak Friday afternoon was due to my approach.  I was trying to [...]


Mirrors Remember Model the exercise first, Less pressure when everyone participates simultaneously. Description Assign members of the group a partner. Have the partner groups spread out [...]

Moving Bodies

Moving Bodies Read Anne Bogart's Viewpoints  Description The group is asked to walk through the space, but to space themselves out, imagining that if a picture [...]

Tableaux 1

Tableaux 1 "Our world is in motion, everything is moving, the ground we’re standing on is shifting, our institutions are shifting, the way we think about so many [...]

Tableaux 2

Tableaux 2 "There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy." Frederick Neitzsche Description Repeat the instructions for Tableaux 1, but instead of [...]

Tableaux 3

Tableaux 3 "Play is the highest form of research." Albert Einstein Description Using the instructions from Tableaux 1, break the group into smaller groups (2 - [...]

The Wind Blows For

The Wind Blows For... "Almost all creativity involves purposeful play." Abraham Maslow Description All participants sit on chairs in a circle.  There is one "it" player [...]