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1 to 20

1–20 Captions "all games are symbolic" Theatre for Living, David Diamond Description The group forms a circle and has the task of counting up to 20, no [...]

Internal Senses

Internal Senses Description While we generally talk about the senses as if they were accompanied by the five Aristotelian senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight), our [...]

Sensory Ethnography

Sensory Ethnography Description Focus on each of your external senses one by one. Spend a full minute (or half-minute, depending on time constraints) concentrating on that [...]


Smellscape Description Introduce cultural/historical/ political production and reception of odours and aromas.  For example, perfume. Exercise Invite students to recall and/or imagine odours/aromas/smells they experience in [...]

Sound Walk Haiku

Sound Walk Haiku "Freedom is...the right to write the wrong words." Patti Smith Description Lead participants on a guided sound walk, in silence, preferably walking through [...]

Taste 1

Taste 1 Food (like air we breathe, keeps us alive and is necessarily irreducibly relational:  we feed and are fed). Description Exercise (i) Invite students to [...]

Taste 2

Taste 2 Description Discuss how taste, food gathering, distribution and preparation is a way peoples experience everyday life, relations with others, senses of self, communication with [...]

Touch (I)

Touch (I) Description This session begins with a discussion about consent to touch and/or be touched. Students may decline to participate as either/and/or touchERs or touchEEs, [...]

Touch (II)

Touch (II) 1. Exercise: Invite students to recall and/or imagine animals, earth, water they may have been “in touch” with. Break into pairs:  A is presenter and [...]