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Sight (I)

Sight (I) Description Introduce concept of “sensory regimes” that are political, social, cultural, historical. Exercise Invite students to offer linquistic examples of sensation and validity. In [...]

Sight (II)

Sight (II) Description Discuss cultural differences in sensory hierarchies. Exercise Change sense and sensory organ: “I know it is true because I heard it with my [...]

Sight (III)

Sight (III) Section One: Description Discuss multisensory multispecies ethnography, critiques of human centredness, theories of sensuous ontologies. Exercise Invite students to recall and/or imagine animals, earth, [...]

Sight (IV)

Sight (IV) Description Introduce embodied sensory reflexivity as foundational to relational methodology. Exercise Invite students to reflect on the exercises they have done on other senses [...]