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1 to 20

1–20 Captions "all games are symbolic" Theatre for Living, David Diamond Description The group forms a circle and has the task of counting up to 20, no [...]


Breath Captions Praesent arcu purus, mollis sit amet posuere placerat. Description Standing in a circle, begin by sharing your name and including a physical gesture.  People [...]


Breathe Exercise Warm-Up: Stand in a circle.  Feet apart, hands by sides, comfortable. Just pay attention to your breathing.  Don’t try to change it or manage [...]

Building a House

Building a House Captions "Words can easily become labels, dead and useless." Viola Spolin Description Each person enters the space and creates two elements in the [...]

Four Corners

Four Corners Thanks to S.G. Lee to first introducing this exercise Description In this exercise, the group works in sets of fours.  One person is the [...]

Group Mirror

Group Mirror "For humans play is a refuge from ordinary life, a sanctuary of the mind, where one is exempt from life's customs, methods and decrees." Deep Play, [...]

Guided Visualization

Guided Visualization There are a multitude of scripts for guided meditation on-line.  Explore and experiment. Description Have participants lie or sit down with the lights out.  [...]


Hello! Remember Model the exercise first, Less pressure when everyone participates. Part 1 Description Standing in a circle, begin by sharing your name while performing a [...]

In My Body

In My Body "After much thought, I realized that the trouble that I had writing that bleak Friday afternoon was due to my approach.  I was trying to [...]

Internal Senses

Internal Senses Description While we generally talk about the senses as if they were accompanied by the five Aristotelian senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight), our [...]

Listening Modes

Listening Modes Description Settle into a place within a space where you won't have to move for at least five minutes or so. Take a full [...]


Mirrors Remember Model the exercise first, Less pressure when everyone participates simultaneously. Description Assign members of the group a partner. Have the partner groups spread out [...]

Moving Bodies

Moving Bodies Read Anne Bogart's Viewpoints  Description The group is asked to walk through the space, but to space themselves out, imagining that if a picture [...]

My Voice

My Voice Captions Before beginning voice exercises, Create a voice collage. Description On a 3 X 5 card take a moment to give your voice a [...]

One Word Story

One Word Story "You’re never going to kill storytelling because it’s built into the human plan. We come with it.” Margaret Atwood Description The group sits [...]

Orchestra Revisited

Orchestra Revisited "The conductor of an orchestra doesn't make a sound.  He depends, for his power, on his ability to make other people powerful." Benjamin Zander [...]

Proprioception I

Proprioception I Description You may do this in whatever position you choose: sitting, standing, laying down. You may need to adapt your actions based on your body's [...]

Proprioception II

Proprioception II Description Stand (as you are able) near a wall or some other solid, steady object/surface. You will be relating to this surface/object with your [...]

Sensory Ethnography

Sensory Ethnography Description Focus on each of your external senses one by one. Spend a full minute (or half-minute, depending on time constraints) concentrating on that [...]

Sight (I)

Sight (I) Description Introduce concept of “sensory regimes” that are political, social, cultural, historical. Exercise Invite students to offer linquistic examples of sensation and validity. In [...]

Sight (II)

Sight (II) Description Discuss cultural differences in sensory hierarchies. Exercise Change sense and sensory organ: “I know it is true because I heard it with my [...]

Sight (III)

Sight (III) Section One: Description Discuss multisensory multispecies ethnography, critiques of human centredness, theories of sensuous ontologies. Exercise Invite students to recall and/or imagine animals, earth, [...]

Sight (IV)

Sight (IV) Description Introduce embodied sensory reflexivity as foundational to relational methodology. Exercise Invite students to reflect on the exercises they have done on other senses [...]


Smellscape Description Introduce cultural/historical/ political production and reception of odours and aromas.  For example, perfume. Exercise Invite students to recall and/or imagine odours/aromas/smells they experience in [...]

Sound Walk Haiku

Sound Walk Haiku "Freedom is...the right to write the wrong words." Patti Smith Description Lead participants on a guided sound walk, in silence, preferably walking through [...]


Soundball Captions Encourage fun and play, Experiment with words instead of sounds. Description Standing in a circle, one person begins by tossing an imaginary ball to [...]


Soundscape Description One to three people sit in the middle of the circle with their eyes closed.  A leader is chosen to start a sound, perhaps [...]

Tableaux 1

Tableaux 1 "Our world is in motion, everything is moving, the ground we’re standing on is shifting, our institutions are shifting, the way we think about so many [...]

Tableaux 2

Tableaux 2 "There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy." Frederick Neitzsche Description Repeat the instructions for Tableaux 1, but instead of [...]

Tableaux 3

Tableaux 3 "Play is the highest form of research." Albert Einstein Description Using the instructions from Tableaux 1, break the group into smaller groups (2 - [...]

Taste 1

Taste 1 Food (like air we breathe, keeps us alive and is necessarily irreducibly relational:  we feed and are fed). Description Exercise (i) Invite students to [...]

Taste 2

Taste 2 Description Discuss how taste, food gathering, distribution and preparation is a way peoples experience everyday life, relations with others, senses of self, communication with [...]

The Wind Blows For

The Wind Blows For... "Almost all creativity involves purposeful play." Abraham Maslow Description All participants sit on chairs in a circle.  There is one "it" player [...]

This is a Fork

This is a Fork Captions What rituals does this activity mirror? How do we relate to the items if they are their own? Description One person [...]

Touch (I)

Touch (I) Description This session begins with a discussion about consent to touch and/or be touched. Students may decline to participate as either/and/or touchERs or touchEEs, [...]

Touch (II)

Touch (II) 1. Exercise: Invite students to recall and/or imagine animals, earth, water they may have been “in touch” with. Break into pairs:  A is presenter and [...]

Voice and Sound Music

Voice and Sound Music Memory Affect Sound Voice Speech/Song Multilinguality First Voices Invite students to recall and/or imagine the first voices they likely heard as children: - [...]