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Breath Captions Praesent arcu purus, mollis sit amet posuere placerat. Description Standing in a circle, begin by sharing your name and including a physical gesture.  People [...]


Breathe Exercise Warm-Up: Stand in a circle.  Feet apart, hands by sides, comfortable. Just pay attention to your breathing.  Don’t try to change it or manage [...]

My Voice

My Voice Captions Before beginning voice exercises, Create a voice collage. Description On a 3 X 5 card take a moment to give your voice a [...]


Soundball Captions Encourage fun and play, Experiment with words instead of sounds. Description Standing in a circle, one person begins by tossing an imaginary ball to [...]


Soundscape Description One to three people sit in the middle of the circle with their eyes closed.  A leader is chosen to start a sound, perhaps [...]

Voice and Sound Music

Voice and Sound Music Memory Affect Sound Voice Speech/Song Multilinguality First Voices Invite students to recall and/or imagine the first voices they likely heard as children: - [...]