My Voice

  • Before beginning voice exercises,
  • Create a voice collage.


On a 3 X 5 card take a moment to give your voice a name and describe your voice as if it were a person. What is your voices favourite food, where does your voice like to vacation, what type of work does your voice do, etc.  When everyone is done take a moment to come up with an image that would represent your voice, draw this image on the back of the card and use it to introduce your voice to the group.

Questions to ponder

What did you learn about other people’s voices?

What is the sense that you get about how people feel about their voices?

What did you learn about your own voice?

Suggested Uses
  • To begin to think about one’s connections to their voice
  • Contemplate how society and culture shapes voice
  • The Right to Speak, Patsy Rodenburg
  • Freeing the Natural Voice, Kristin Linklater