Odours Aromas Smells


Discuss memory studies and association of smell as sense that generates strongest evocation of memory.


Invite students to recall and/or imagine the first odours/aromas/smells they likely experienced as children: who/what created these smells through what activities? How do they recall and/or imagine coming to identify and experience some smells as pleasant and some as unpleasant? What were these values associated with?  (e.g. food, excrement, specific people or pets or toys, nature).  Where did these smells emanate from?  When?

Break into pairs:  A is speaker and B is self/listener.  Reverse.  Repeat this exercise using words, images, movement, sounds.

Invite students to recall and/or imagine themselves at different periods of their lives and repeat exercises outlined above.


Invite students to reenact these prompted memories with either words and/or sounds and/or movements and/or images. 

Suggested Uses

How can smell be represented and communicated?