Sound Walk Haiku

“Freedom is…the right to write the wrong words.” Patti Smith


Lead participants on a guided sound walk, in silence, preferably walking through a variety of different environments:  woods, busy café, lab, wide open spaces, tight spaces, etc.

When they finish their walk and return to the meeting room, have them fill a notecard with any words that arise while reflecting on the walk.  Encourage them to keep writing and not to let the pencil leave the page.

Then, using those words guide them in crafting a poem or haiku.  Show them a sample haiku and talk about the basic structure.

Encourage participants to then close their eyes and one by one each person shares their poem/haiku.


Another option might be to collect objects from the walk, take time during the walk to sketch images or snap photos.  When you come back to the meeting space perhaps, instead of words, the artifact that is shared is a collage or a performance piece, sparked by the objects collected.

Prompt questions:

  • What were you aware of that might not have been as obvious had you been speaking?
  • Were there parts of your body that also became attuned to the environment?
  • What surprised you?
Suggested Uses
  • To attune all senses to space
  • Experiment with creative ways to reflect experience
  • Question what it means to observe