One to three people sit in the middle of the circle with their eyes closed.  A leader is chosen to start a sound, perhaps a slow snapping of the fingers or a whisper.  Like a wave each person, in order, slowly begins the sound, so that gradually everyone in the circle is making the same sound.  When the sound makes it back to the leader, the leader changes to a new sound (repeat the gradual building of the new sound).  Allow the sound collage to grow and finish in a satisfying way.

Once the group has come to silence, invite the participants in the middle to share their experience:  What did they see?  What sounds stood out to them?  Did any sounds evoke memory? Feeling? What does this tell us about how we are affected by sound?


Once the group is comfortable with the led version, encourage the group to randomly make up a soundscape just by listening to each other and trusting their own impulses.

A more advanced version is that one person sits or lies in the centre of the circle and that very slowly participants stand close to the individual and intentionally direct and focus a sound to a particular point on the individuals’ (lying down on the floor) body.  Much attention here must be paid to making sure that a great deal of trust has been established.  This requires that the individual lying down be very comfortable.

Suggested Uses
  • Building confidence in creating sound
  • Playing with sound
  • Linking sounds with images or story