Tableaux 2

“There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.” Frederick Neitzsche


Repeat the instructions for Tableaux 1, but instead of using a story prompt to guide groups in creating their tableaux, have half of the group go up to the front of the room (the performance space), the other group writes concepts on pieces of paper and puts them in a hat.  One person from each group draws the concept out of the hat and then the group has thirty-seconds to create a tableaux that illustrates the concept.


One person stands alone, someone from the group draws a “concept” out of the hat and slowly group members add on the “picture” or tableaux, building it as they go.

Discussion prompts:

  • Explore the body’s reactions to intellectual concepts/does the body exploration give any new insight to the concept?
  • Are certain concepts easier to communicate than others?
  • Are there tensions within concepts, how might bodies communicate this?
Suggested Uses