Tableaux 3

“Play is the highest form of research.” Albert Einstein


Using the instructions from Tableaux 1, break the group into smaller groups (2 – 4 participants).  Instructions for participants: You will be handed a sheet of paper that has the name of an object on it.  Without using words you will create three tableaux:

  1. The object is “Discovered”
  2. The object is “Explored”
  3. The object is “Discarded”

Share with the group

Another option:  In place of an object, try this with a space (cavern, boardroom, pool, etc.), a person or a concept….


Other iterations might include, sharing the tableaux in the various ways:

  • With sounds
  • In gibberish
  • Where you have a constricted amount of space
  • Where you can only use one word of dialogue
  • Where you all move backwards

Suggested Uses
  • To approach discussions on a theme in an embodied way
  • Encourage “playing” with concepts through the body and voice
  • To unearth how we internalize concepts
  • To identify unique personal views on concepts