The Wind Blows For…

“Almost all creativity involves purposeful play.” Abraham Maslow


All participants sit on chairs in a circle.  There is one “it” player in the centre of the circle.  The “It” calls out, “The wind blows for anyone who… (is wearing white, has a sibling, ate cereal for breakfast, voted in the last election, etc….)” . Whatever the “It” calls out has to be true for that individual.  For the participants sitting in the circle, anyone who the statement also applies for has to stand up and quickly find a new chair.  The “It” person uses this opportunity to find an empty chair to sit in, as well.  Once everyone finds a chair, there will be someone left in the middle.  Now that participant becomes the “It” person for the next round.


This is a helpful exercise for groups who are just getting to know each other.  It moves very quickly and it is important to set some safety protocols in place, making sure that no one pushes or runs into anyone as the pace speeds up.

Suggested Uses
  • Energizer after long periods of sitting
  • Finding connections between group members