This is a Fork

  • What rituals does this activity mirror?
  • How do we relate to the items if they are their own?


One person (A) begins by handing the person on their right (B) an object.  Dialogue:

A: This is a fork.

B: A what?

A: A fork.

B: A what?

A: A fork.

B: Oh, a fork.

Then, A brings another object and introduces it, B is now in the middle of receiving an object from A and giving the original object to C.  This continues until every person has an object.


Begin with the most confident participants near the front of the circle.  On the next round, start the object at a different point in the circle.  How does rhythm become a language or tool to allow the activity to progress?

Reflect back to the group what changes you see day to day as they become more comfortable with the exercise.

Suggested Uses
  • Encourages active listening
  • Challenge participants to make eye contact
  • Observe how multi-tasking often impacts our ability to sense our environment