Voice and Sound Music


First Voices

Invite students to recall and/or imagine the first voices they likely heard as children:
– who spoke and/or sang to them?
– In what language(s)?
– Where?  When?
– Do they recall, or can they imagine what was said and/or sang?

Invite students to:
– reenact these prompted memories with either words and/or sounds.
– recall and/or imagine themselves at their first day at school and to introduce themselves in whatever language they were speaking then:  name, age, address, name of school, and anything else they wish to add.
– reenact these prompted memories with either words and/or sounds.
–  Break into pairs:  A is speaker and B is self/listener.  Reverse.

Play an excerpt from a church choir recording and discuss as collective artistic/spiritual practice.  Play an excerpt from Indigenous drumming and singing.

Invite students to each bring a song that evokes a specific memory life story to class.
These may be songs they know and wish to sing, or songs they record (with consent) someone else singing, or they may be commercial recordings.
Bring one printed copy of the song’s lyrics.  Make copies for each student.

Ask students to sing their song and/or play their recording, to distribute and then read the lyrics, and to tell class the memory story it is associated with.
Then read the lyrics together as a group.
Then sing the song together.

Independent Assignment

Create a 5 minute (max) audio recording drawn from voice and sound exercises and post to class blog.  3 minutes reenactment, 2 minutes reflection.

Suggested Uses
  • Discuss singing as a way peoples everywhere communicate with spirits, gods.
  • Invite reflection similarities and differences between reading words and singing words.